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When you think of the word “collaborate,” what type of things come to mind? Togetherness, synergy, joint effort. We’ve all been there—whether that means working on a team toward a collective goal or offering a helping hand or two when you see a colleague or friend in need. Listen as we explore some of Sacramento’s top collaborators and learn more about how we can support one another.

Jessica Malone

Jessica Malone on Creative Freedom

As a working musician, you can bet Jessica Malone knows what it means to play nice with other musicians, artists, and creatives. One of her passions is advocating for female artists, and she’s deeply involved within the music industry, including Girls Rock Sacramento, a nonprofit that inspires and empowers youth through music. She also supports organizations such as 916 Ink, Wildwood Performing Arts Foundation and others. She has played at a multitude of festivals including Napa Earth, Davis Music, and BottleRock and opened for the likes of John Paul White, Arlo Guthrie, and Joe Craven and The Sometimers. Tune into our last episode as we discuss intersectional feminism, and hear about the magic that happens when you allow yourself and others the creative freedom on a given project.

In this episode, you hear us talk about a website called Book More Women. The inspiration behind #bookmorewomen is the pervasive gender imbalance that currently plagues music festivals. The goal is to provide a visual representation of the problem, start conversations, track progress, and work towards better representation on future lineups.

Nick Jacoy

Nick Jacoy on Versatility and Career Shifts

From the Bay to Sacramento, Nick Jacoy brings with him a diverse background that’s touched various compartments within the design industry, from print production, to web developer, to illustrator, to graphic designer…is there anything Nick hasn’t done?! ...

He’s a self-taught illustrator and product designer with a background in web development and print production. Some of his work includes web development for Blackberry, Samsung, and Apple. Many people are forever learners and we think it’s safe to say Nick is definitely one! In this episode, we’ll be discussing the evolution of Nick’s career path, how he shifted gears to move from web development to UX design and adjusting to remote collaboration.

Megan Van Voorhis

Megan Van Voorhis on Service and Understanding

Over the course of her career, Megan Van Voorhis has played a leading role in numerous strategic planning, programming, research, and has facilitated cross-sector partnerships. She’s provided leadership, guidance, and support for the region’s small business association and destination marketing agency to develop arts and culture initiatives within their respective organizations at various points in their lifespans. ...

She regularly speaks and consults on her work on a national level. She now leads the City of Sacramento’s Office of Arts & Culture where she is responsible for advancing the goals of the Creative Edge cultural plan. In this episode, Megan discusses cross-sector partnerships between different communities and the arts.

Robbie Metcalf & Tony Christ

Robbie and Tony (H.O.F.) on Driving Culture Forward

Have you ever wondered how people do it? Gain such a massive following that it’s almost unheard of, unless of course we’re talking about celebrities and famous artists. How exactly does a company attract over 750,000 followers over social media? ...

No matter the type of function you’ve been at, rest assured, H.O.F. has been there and done that. In this episode, Robbie and Tony from H.O.F. talk about how they’ve networked and harnessed social media platforms to ultimately drive Sacramento, and its culture, forward.

Julia Feldman

Julia Feldman on Reimagining Ballet

Choreographer, Company Artist with the Sacramento Ballet, and Co-founder of Capitol Dance Project (CDP), Julia Feldman is a creative who is constantly inspired by the Sacramento arts community and takes pride in her work with the CDP team to provide a unique platform for local artists, musicians, and dancers. ...

Julia has choreographed for the School of the Sacramento Ballet and teaches master classes throughout the Valley. In 2015 she co-founded CDP, a collective group of professional dancers in the Sacramento Valley. Seven seasons later, they've produced a total of 60 world premiere ballets and worked with close to 40 local artists and musicians. In this episode, Julia discusses the importance of teamwork, community, and building mutual respect among artists of different mediums.

Kimberly Gail Loseñara & Lia Fetterhoff

Capitol Creative Alliance on Joining Forces

Who is Capitol Creative Alliance? We’re a union of four local creative groups - Creativity+, Design Sacramento, Roseville UX and Sac DESCO. ...

Each group has been working separately to build the community we’ve longed to see in the greater Sacramento region. Now we’ve come together to be a hub for our members and to make our programming more accessible; to foster more impactful events and build a rich and supportive community; and to advocate for the creative economy with one voice.

Today's podcast guests are Kimberly Gail Loseñara, founder of DESCO, and Lia Fetterhoff, a Senior User Experience Designer at SkySlope, co-founder of Life Experience Design, and founded Roseville UX.


Everyone experiences shifts, some people instigate them! In Season 4 we discuss pivots in careers, altering opinions, changes in culture, recalibrating due to pandemics, and so much more. Listen as we explore how to deal with shifting tides and make big moves in your life.

Tara Taylor

Tara Taylor on Empowering Unlikely Heroes

Tara Taylor’s passion for uplifting and motivating women has created a community empowering single mothers and their children through enrichment, encouragement, and educational programs. ...

Inspired by her experience raising her daughter as a successful single mother, and motivated by her conviction that anything can be accomplished with effort and determination, Tara switched gears from her career and found her purpose in Single Mom Strong. The nonprofit has served over 800 families through a variety of community events, workshops, coaching, and programs.

Our final guest for this season’s theme of Shift, Tara explores building strength out of adversity, how creativity manifests in her everyday, and believing in yourself when no one else will.

Paul Willis

Paul Willis on Creating Opportunity

Paul Willis is a Sacramento-based diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant whose client list includes top business, nonprofit and government agencies such as MetroEdge and the Sacramento Bee. ...

His 15 year professional career in the arts, education, leadership development and social justice-driven organizations has provided Paul a unique lens to see the world and shape it. He is also the founder of the Hip-Hop Chess club in Sacramento, and a celebrated keynote speaker who has shared the stage with artists including Lupe Fiasco and Common.

In this episode, Paul discusses the origins of hip hop in knowledge, centering the margins to allow people to speak and show up for themselves, and how to stop chasing opportunity and start creating your own.

Becky Lynn

Becky Lynn on Finding Inspiration

A finalist in the 2017 Sacramento Comedy Competition, Becky Lynn is a stand up comic who covers a large range of topics including death, modern love, and the best way to help out at a kid's birthday party. ...

She navigates her way through life uniquely and hilariously, and in a way that translates perfectly to the stage. With the pandemic bringing an abrupt halt to live entertainment, Becky was forced to pivot to a new way of life personally and creatively.

In our fourth episode for this quarter’s theme of Shift, Becky Lynn discusses standing out, balancing the dark and the light, and making magic out of the mundane.

Patrick Mulvaney

Patrick Mulvaney on Getting Sh*t Done

Patrick Mulvaney is a proud Sacramentan whose cooking career has spanned five time zones. A Michelin-rated restaurateur and community policy advocate on many stages, Patrick is one of the people working tirelessly to make Sacramento the “Farm-to-Fork” capital of the country. He also co-founded the I Got Your Back project, a peer referral and online resource shifting the conversation about mental health in the hospitality world. ...

In this episode of Creativity Speaks, Patrick talks about his efforts to serve the community during a time of crisis, and not just making room at the proverbial table, but creating new tables with seats for everyone.

Rebecca Plumb

Rebecca Plumb on Overcoming Fear

Rebecca Plumb is the founder of Studio Plumb, an interior design studio in Sacramento helping busy families create livable and lovable homes. Rebecca started her career as a graphic designer, managed creative teams, and co-owned a small creative agency. ...

After 20 years in the marketing world, she took a big leap into the unknown and went back to her first love of interior design to launch Studio Plumb. You’ll find Rebecca frequently encouraging others to JFDI (just freaking do it) — whatever it is they’re dreaming of.

In the latest episode of Creativity Speaks, Rebecca reflects on making room for new dreams, finding your creative confidence, and much more.

Steve Hansen

Steve Hansen on Advocating for the Arts

Steve Hansen has been a leading voice in Sacramento for the arts, smart growth, public safety, economic development, and innovation in government service. He was also named by prior Creativity Speaks guest Maya Wallace as the “biggest advocate for our creative community of any recent local official.” ...

During Steve’s eight years on the Sacramento City Council, he passed a variety of key initiatives including those leading to new arts and educational facilities, Vision Zero policies, and protections for LGBT employees and residents.

Kicking off our next theme of “Shift” with this episode of Creativity Speaks, Steve discusses the importance of art in childhood education, subsidizing the creative economy, and showing up for music and theater culture in all its forms.


Each episode features a unique voice and perspective from local creatives on topics and issues that impact today’s society. Whether it is a discussion on the creative process, the growing Sacramento creative economy, or sharing personal life stories, Creativity+ strives to amplify these voices by providing a platform that sparks meaningful dialogue and new ways of thinking.


Faith J. Mckinnie on Creating Community Through Art

Faith J. McKinnie is an independent curator & consultant who has held leadership positions at the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Theater Company, Bigger Than Us Arts, and is the founding director for the Black Artists Fund. ...

Originally from South Sacramento, Faith discusses the inequality gap and financial barriers that many black artists face when it comes to finding pathways and resources to thrive as an artist. In this episode, Faith also talks about the importance of building a community for black artists and discusses why art is a gateway for creating systemic change.


Shawn Kahan on Showcasing Sacramento Culture

Shawn Kahan is a serial entrepreneur. From selling oranges out of his yard to reselling his Halloween candy, he has always had a natural calling for working in business. Whether it was running a streetwear clothing line at age 17, working with high profile athletes and artists on marketing and branding, to confounding the creative consulting group Yellow Brick Group, Shawn credits the Sacramento community for his successes. ...

In this episode, Shawn discusses the birth of Our Street Market, the one of a kind event created by YBG which has become a hub for showcasing Sacramento culture and highlighting local artists and businesses. As a self proclaimed master of none creative, Shawn shares his inspirations, discusses the path he took to success, and offers advice to those pursuing a career in the creative field.


Molly Weber on Building Sustainable Communities

Molly Weber is a co-founder and the Chief Experience Officer at The Urban Hive, where she is committed to building sustainable communities and beautiful work, collaboration, and event spaces, within which hundreds of creatives and entrepreneurs can thrive. ...

In this episode, Molly talks about the vision she had upon creating what Paste Magazine calls one of the “50 Coolest Coworking Spaces Across the Country,” and discusses how the Urban Hive became the premiere hub that it is today for local creatives and innovators throughout Sacramento. Molly is honored to watch as driven and inspiring entrepreneurs and creatives have helped shape not only “the Hive”, but the city she calls home.